Vredeveld Aziatische Kunst
Vredeveld Aziatische Kunst

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03 October

Dashain - The festival of Victory of Good over Evil

By Nischhal Pradhan at


This festival is celebrated by Nepalese people throughout the globe by worshipping Shakti in all her manifestations.Vijaya Dashami or Dushera, is one of the most important and the longest festivals observed by the Hindus all over the world.

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27 November

Oldest (550 B.C.) Buddhist shrine unearthed in Lumbini, Nepal

By Gaurav Manandhar at

The 6th century timber structure was excavated beneath the Maya devi temple in Lumbini, Nepal – the long identified birthplace of the Buddha. This discovery may help settle dispute over when and where the revered religious leader was born as a prince, before he left his royal life. The shrine appears to have housed a tree, which links to the Buddha nativity story - his mother gave birth to him while holding on to the branch of a tree in the Lumbini garden, midway between the kingdoms of her husband and parents

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