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Vredeveld Aziatische Kunst

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02 December

Patience is struggle

By Gaurav Manandhar at

Patience is struggle

I've had lots of experiences regarding impatience and have paid the price for it too. My experience with impatience used to involve over locking and unlocking my cell phone and playing the TV remote a lot.

As these things continued, suddenly I had a high fever and was diagnosed with typhoid a few years back. It was a festival period and everyone of my family members were back home after years. The doctors suggested me to stay at bed until I felt better but wouldn't tell me how long it would take. It could take from few weeks to a month.

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01 November

Attachment, Relationships, and Misconceived Buddhism

By Peter Vredeveld at

attachment in buddhism
"Attachments, according to Buddhism, ultimately cause suffering"

The misconception occurs in how one defines attachment. Buddhism does not denounce possessions, hobbies, interests, food, or most importantly, relationships. It teaches that clinging to these things causes suffering. Clinging to a partner in a relationship would better be defined in the Western view as insecure attachment, not attachment. People with an insecure attachment (either avoidant or ambivalent/anxious) resort to the behaviors that Buddhism warns against in the face of loss: a craving or thirst for something. Craving occurs when one’s desire is excessive. Buddhism teaches that suffering ends when craving disappears.

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