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10 ways to make the world a better place

By Nischhal Pradhan at
buddha and buddhism
"There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept responsibility for changing them. ~Denis Waitley "

1) Smile

Smile is the expression which makes anyone who comes across the expression feel good. It even makes us feel good too! Smiling to each other helps us to be connected to other people and individuals, improving our moods. When you smile at people anywhere you get smiles in return and it will be an immediate mood booster for you.

2) Eye Contact

With the availability of technology like mobile phones and tablets, we do not look or acknowledge the people who are around us. The avoidance of interaction of people anywhere is common sight these days. We act like we do not see other people when we pass by them on the street. When we make eye contact and interact with them instead of ignoring them, we make them feel seen and worthy of our attention. Being felt worthy of attention is all what people want and they appreciate it as well.

3) Environment friendly

Everyone wants to live in a clean and natural environment. One of the first steps is by recycling of goods and taking care of the resources instead of wasting them. This will ensure the prolonged life of the current natural environment leaving a world for our children to take pride in and enjoy it completely.

4) Complimenting others

It is very important that we compliment others and how they make a difference in our lives by the amazing things they do in their lives. Expressing the gratitude for their deeds can make a great difference in their lives instead of just thinking about it. Acknowledging their efforts may encourage them to make further progress and it should be your efforts to compliment others about their work.

5) Positivity

When positive ideas take over the negative ones, everyone benefits as the complaints stop and happiness comes around. Being positive can help us make our lives as well as the lives of the people around us easier. If we try to make the best of any situations instead of worrying about the worst case scenarios, we develop a positive mindset. Not only we start feeling more positive, we are also more likely to make most out of the positive situations.

6) Helpfulness

Expecting something in return or expecting a favor back can often lead to disappointment and resentment when we help others. Therefore, helping the ones who are in need of it and are struggling, without expecting a return because we simply want to live in a world where people look out for each other.

7) Be kind to ourselves

To be forgiving for the mistakes we have committed by us is a lot kinder than mentally stressing and beating ourselves up for the mistakes we committed. It is important or be kind to ourselves if we want the world to be a little nicer place than it is. When we are kind and forgiving to ourselves, we are more likely to be open to kindness from others and are more likely to treat others with kind too.

8) Stay mindful in the present

Past is past, it is not wise to keep dwelling on the events of the past. Similarly, it is foolish to think and worry about what might happen in the future. Instead, let us enjoy the present. Enjoy and experience all the wonderful things that are happening in the present. When the mind wanders about these things, all you can do to get back is by taking three deep breaths. Mindfulness is one of the most effective ways to increase the level of happiness in our lives and it can have a massive ripple effect on the world around us.

9) Express gratitude on a daily basis

Expressing gratitude to all of the wonderful things that we have experienced or the things that have happened to us helps us maintain a positive mindset. Expressing gratitude gives us the opportunity to thank others for everything they have done for us or others. It makes a great difference in our moods and our relationships with other people.

10. Have fun!

There are times when we make the circumstances to be a lot more serious than they need to be and we actually do not remember to let things go and have fun instead. We should make sure that enjoying and having fun in life is a very important priority so that we can actually take advantage of living in a better world.